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whimsy wednesday

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praise baphomet

Get enough money into this box that the eventual winner has a life changing experience. Eat More Butts.



Currently there are 18 items in Chris Gethard's Box, 10 items in Christi Chiello's Box and 6 items in Will Hines' box. Patrick Cotnoir has 1 item, known as "ITEM P". Zouks has 3 items maintained by "Bryson".

  1. You can only guess specific items.

  2. All items in all boxes must be guessed correctly to win it all. 

  3. You get 45 seconds to either guess items or tell a story. If the story relates to the item in the box, the hosts will tell you how. You cannot guess any more items than are currently unguessed. The hosts can add a block of 45 seconds at their discretion. Hosts can veto the story if they think it doesn't have a story framework.

  4. You can Bail on a call whenever you want. If you do, Murf can be given the rest of your questions. These bank forever until Murf returns to ask his questions. If you were telling a story, that banks too and Murf can return to tell as long as a story as he has time.

  5. D

    onate exactly $69 to the show to add another item to the box. The box that the item is added to is chosen by random wheel. If Jersey Dave makes a real spinning wheel he can come out of the Beef Pooding.
  6. If Geth or Christi want to change their box, "Bryson" must pay $69.69 out of their own pocket.

  7. Donate exactly $169.69 to the box to run a random number generator. Whatever number you win, that item is revealed and returned to its box. (If the number is already guessed, the wheel can be spun up to two more times out of kindness.)

  8. If you isolate all items in one box correctly, you will get a private message revealing 1 specific item in the box of an opposing host.

  9. X-Ray technology may be used to scan the box, but the X-Ray technology is guarded by SNAKES!

  10. Donate $169.68 to play Hands on a Hot Box! Hosts put their hands on their box. If their hand comes off, they must reveal any item of their choice from within the box.

  11. Hosts are allowed to answer any incomplete guess, so long as it’s in the form of an incomplete answer.

  12. If a full moon falls on a Wednesday werewolves may raid the supply closet with cupcakes.

  13. The winner must eat "The Cookie" and provide video evidence. If the winner is able to go to a doctor and get the doctor to write a note saying they don't have to eat "The Cookie", they don't have to.

  14. You can have a hint if you buy a cameo for Martin Urbano from Chris Hansen asking him to chill out.

  15. To win the game, the caller must invoke "The Ceremony". If there is only one more item left in the box and that item is guessed correctly, "The Ceremony" commences immediately.

  16. Sometimes there can be newts (but never Gingrich).

  17. If you donate $420.69 to the box it triggers the Will Hines Memorial On/Off switch for donating $69 to the box to add new items (rule 5). The switch is currently set to ON.

  18. If your story makes all people on screen laugh, you get 1 guess.

  19. Whenever Icekeeper Scarlett Gray calls, she may request a new song, which the hosts must oblige.

  20. Patrick Cotnoir cant refuse if asked to read a comic panel.

  21. If you are caught not telling a story, Geth is given permission to speak about lawn care.

*Mini Game rules may apply


All future box rules must be voted on for approval by The Planet Scum Planetary Advisory Board.

members of the board will meet when called upon to vote on new rules.

the board may not implement any rules which involve revealing the item or stealing the money.

The next benefactor is whoever donates an Irishman ($1500) to Planet Scum Live.


Jersey Dave is under Censure for the Egg Soup scandal. He owes a Hand Written 5 page apology to the board in no less than size 12 font.


Each have 1 (one) vote available to use. They must present themselves at roll call to have their vote counted.


They get no votes. They have other reasons for being on the board.



For any new rules to be implemented, a Board Meeting must be called.

I. A board meeting is called whenever anyone donates $50 or more to Planet Scum Live during a live taping.

II. When a vote is called, board members will be notified to join the meeting via Discord.

III. The board meeting will last 10 minutes during which the Chosen Board Member will read out the next suggested rules on the list.

IV. All votes pass at majority.

V. Tie Goes to The Pickle


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