17 Months Or Bust. Power To The People.


The Board is forming a New Legal Team. 

Official Duties Of A Planet Scum Legal Rep:

  • Occasionally show up to read submitted rules

  • Offer "Legal Advice" to members of The Board

  • Completely embody the spirit of your character.

  • This is a non-voting position.

Characters hired to The Board may not guess what is in the box, but the human beings who play them are welcome to continue guessing.


(This Job pays Zero Earth Dollars, This Job Pays $150, 000 Scum Dollars Per Year.)


Phase One:

Character Submission

Accepting Suggestions Until The Positions Are Filled

If you know the name of a good legal representative, please submit it. This can be a real or fictional name. All appropriate submitted names will be available for selection during phase two after review for approval.

Submitted character names will become the eventual property of whomever plays them during the live show.


Phase Two:

Job Applications

Selected applicants will be called upon to come on screen at some point during Planet Scum Live on Wednesday Nights in character. Once a bit is given to the performer they can take a bit in whichever direction they want for as long as they like. Between 6 - 9 candidates will be interviewed. Every successful Job Applicant will be immediately hired to the position of Legal Representative of The Board.

We have received the maximum amount of volunteers to perform the roles of the submitted characters. You can still Send a message over to Scum Guru (#2867) on the Planet Scum Discord just to chat!


Phase Three: Job Interviews

Taking Place December 2nd

Any time a viewer of Planet Scum Live donates $10.00 or more during the December 2nd episode, a Job Interview will be permitted to take place. If not enough donations come through during the show, we will not get to every interview. Make sure to donate

The Kingpin and The Secretary of The Board will conduct all interviews, ask all questions and end all interviews at their discretion. 

Following this episode, any member of the Legal Team will be permitted to show up in character whenever a "Legal Representative" is required during a Board Meeting. One Legal Rep. per meeting.

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